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The Student Council


RETIRED Vice-Chairman




Community Board Organizer
Social Chair

The Administration

Howl’s Club is a pretty informal “community”. Since most of the core knows eachother so well, we tend to almost find no need for a formalized administration. However, what little administration requirements we need fall under an informal rank which we call “Student Council”. The Student Council oversees all activity within the Club and is responsible for not only all “Guilds” that fall under the Howl’s Club Umbrella, but overall community outlook.

Guild & Club Leads

Student Council is responsible for the well-being of all Guilds under the umbrella. Each guild is vouched and overseen by an individual Student Council member, ensuring that the guild continues to follow overall club philosophy and rules.

Mods & Event Organizers

Howl's Club hosts events frequently, from movie nights to friendly competitions. We find these game nights highly successful in bonding new and veteran members together. Event Organizers & Mods are what we consider a ``Community-Staff``, and not necessarily part of a specific guild administration.

Club Charter

Every club/chapter must adhere to these guidelines.

Starting a Club

A club is officially recognized by the community if it is either approved by a student council member or has at least 10 members from the community actively playing said game.


Club Lead

All clubs must have a designated club-lead. This individual will be responsible for maintaining said club and enforcing our basic core pillars.