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Howl’s Club


Howl’s Club is a community that loves it top-down games. Having veteran players of League, Diablo, and Path of Exile it was a no-brainer for us to go into Corepunk. Unanimously approved by all decision-makers, we set out to begin our adventures in Corepunk focusing on all facets that the game has to offer from PvE, PvP, to economy/crafting. We’re here for it all.

Selective/Competitive Roster

Howl's Club is a guild that understands the true value of each and every member. We strongly believe in the idea that everybody has to carry their own weight. This is why we decided on a selective recruitment process.

We roll in GROUPZ

Howl's Club isn't for the solo-players. This is a group that puts the guild performance over individual performance. Many of our core members have this mentality. Sacrificing top dps spots for overall guild performance.

Pre-Launch Message

As of current, with the game still in development and limited confirmed information. We will constantly be keeping tabs over Corepunk and make necessary changes as needed such as Guild Roster cap, and etc.

Howl's Goals

  • Group Content
  • Tools & Research
  • Selective Roster


  • Premade BG Teams
  • Competitive Arena Teams
  • Open-World PvP Protection


  • Focus on Group-Content
  • Raiding
  • Endgame Dungeons/World Bosses


  • Guides & Research
  • Spreadsheet Heroes/Automated Discord
  • Synergized Crafting Mentality


Due to limited information available and no real time-table announced. Howl’s is currently not as “active” in the Corepunk Community. We will continue to monitor and assess our decisions-based on the information. In the meantime, please feel free to participate in other clubs within the community or other games. A majority of our core members are currently playing other Isometric games such as Eternal Return/League.