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Howl’s Club


Elyon is a competitive MMO that revolves around PvP from GvG Territory Wars, Ranked Arena, RvR, and a number of other activities. With that said, the Elyon division of Howl’s Club is the only exception from our “social-focus” stance. Instead, the Elyon division will be classified as a “Competitive-guild”. The Guild will be going to the Vulpin faction for the KR Version until NA Release.

Selective/Competitive Roster

In Elyon guilds are capped at 50 members. This places a huge emphasis on quality over quantity. Howl's, at this current time, has no intentions of creating ``Secondary/Third`` guilds. Meaning, these 50 slots are competitive and carefully selected.


This goes without saying. We intend to give our best performance when it comes to GvG and other group-pvp content. Though we do value individual performance, team performance is what wins the battle.

Pre-Launch Message

As of current, the game only being available in Korea and scheduled to release in Q2 2021. Howls will be playing the KR version until the closer release of NA. Plans and information will be changing over time as more information is released. Players in the KR-Version will have priority in recruitment slots until we reach closer to NA Release.

Howls Prelaunch Goals

  • Finalize Data `{`KR`}`
  • Tools & Research
  • Selective Roster


  • Premade BG Teams
  • Competitive Arena Teams
  • GvG Focused Core


  • Focus on Group-Content
  • Raiding
  • Endgame Dungeons/World Bosses


  • Guides & Research
  • Spreadsheet Heroes
  • Efficient Crafting Mentality


Due to limited guild spots. Our recruitment method is selective. As of current, we prioritize members with KR-Version experience. However, our roster will change over time as we approach closer to NA-Release. What we look for in potential applicants isn’t just performance benchmarks. It’s important that the prospect also meshes well with the overall Howl’s Club community. Our love of anime/memes/and shitposting. Balancing a progressive mentality with a fun-spirited community is what we define as our perfect member.
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