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Howl’s Club


What started out as a meme became an adventure. During the barren landscape of MMOs in 2020. Howl’s Castle decided that its first MMO that it would go into together would be Bless-Unleashed. This decision was based on the hunger for an MMO to sink our teeth into. Thus, Howl’s Club was born.


Socially Competitive

Bless Unleashed has limited content compared to most MMO's on the market, making competitive guilds irrelevant. Therefore, Howl's Club has decided to focus on what's important. An enjoyable experience. Make no mistake, when it comes to field bosses and PvP-content, we're there; but we're there for memes and laughs.


The Crew

It's important to us that every member that joins is a right fit for not only our guild, but our community. This ensures that we don't waste eachothers time. Howl's Club is a light-hearted atmosphere that is more concerned with having a good-time than the serious dull phases of a min-max guild. There will be days of what we consider ``serious`` progression, but we like to keep a fun joking atmosphere.

Howl’s Club Goals

Howl’s Club Goals are pretty straight forward.
  1. GANG-GANG PvP – Jokes aside, Howl’s Club does plan to be an active participant in all forms of PvP from premade 3v3 Arena Teams to full squad battleground premades, and of course open-world PvP. Making a name for ourselves.
  2. Good Vibez – One of the main reasons this guild was founded was to have a good time. Other guilds may be known for being the best, but we’re known for having the best in attitude….and memes.
Howl's Club Charter

The 3 Pillars

Good Vibez

We're all here to have a good time. Stay open-minded. Drama is frowned upon. And always keep a positive server rep. (Guild Reputation > You)

Competitive Mind-set

We by no means consider us as a hardcore min-max guild. But make no mistake, we do aim for a competitive roster. For Bless Unleashed this means the world of PvP, through Red Basin (15v15) or Arena. We always aim to be at the competitive forefront.

Discord Primary

Being active on discord either through voice or comms is a requirement for this guild. Every member of Howl's Club has developed a close bond far extending outside Bless Unleashed, developing friendships & brotherhood.

What we look for

Howl’s Club is always looking for like-minded individuals. Weebs & just overall positive individuals. Our recruitment is “double-door”. Meaning, most members are vouched by already existing membership or recruited through our recruitment officers.

Every member is immediately vibe-checked. Howl's Club isn't for everybody. Shitposting and quality memes are present daily 24/7. Every potential member is screened to see if our atmosphere is best suited for them.

If our experience in numerous MMO's has taught us anything. Performance isn't the answer to all. With that said, Howl's Club as a whole could care less of your ``standing`` on the server. We're far more concerned about vibez.

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