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Waifu's #1 Social Club

Howl's Club

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Howl’s Club is a fun-spirited community driven by memes and anime. Founded during the height of the hype train for Bandai MMO Blue Protocol, we have slowly expanded to encompass multiple games. Our purpose is clear, to enjoy the company of each other and offer a refuge to like-minded individuals.


"Howl's Club is a gang, crew, guild, homies, and family all in one."


"Howl's Club are my boiz, I'd give up the Hidden Leaf for them."


"My name is Howl and I support this club."
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Howl’s Club offers a home to any type of player regardless of playstyle. In our eyes, all types of players are needed to become successful in any game that we venture into. With that said, Howl’s Club offers 5 “pillars”. These pillars act as our central guideline, ensuring that all guilds under the Howl’s Club Umbrella are unified through our core missions.

The Crew

Friendship & Brotherhood is what established this community. As such, this will remain as one of our most important pillars. We are doing all of this for a simple reason - Playing games with friends and meeting new people who share similar interests.


By no means do we classify as a hardcore min-max community. However, that doesn't mean we don't shoot for a competitive mindset. Howl's Castle will of course be putting its best foot forward in any game that we go into, however our core focus revolves not on results/progression, but the ``power of friendship & comradery``. Every Guild under Howl's Club is made for long-term goals.


Just cause we joke around with eachother a lot doesn't mean we don't mutually respect eachother. To the contrary, In Howl's Club, any excessive toxic behavior is dealt with swiftly. - Stay open-minded. Drama is a waste of time for everybody.

Club Reputation

Howl's Club takes its reputation seriously. All members involved in Guild activities will represent the club in a positive manner.


Howl's Club isn't one of those massive discord communities that just has members for numbers. All of our members are active as we regularly purge inactives and encourage involvement and engagement from all members.


Howl’s Club is a community originally for Blue Protocol, but have expanded onto other games. We are always in search of the best edgelords & waifus. Our vision for this club is to create a community that is the embodiment of a good time. Not looking for a guild? Want a social club with zero obligations? Well Howl’s Club allows individuals to chill even if they’re not an active participant in one of our various clubs/guilds.

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